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We specialize in quality sound!

House Sound Systems

From whole-house audio to outdoor speakers, we can customize your personal music experience! Have your home and grounds listen to the same music, or have each room listen to something different. Control it all from your phone, iPad or in-wall keypads.

Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor speakers are a trademark for Rick’s Audio Video. We design them to sound like you're at a concert. From SaunaRay small speakers that look like outdoor lights, to Rock speakers and outdoor mountable speakers, we have every style.

In-Ceiling Speakers

We pride ourselves in quality sound from in-ceiling speakers. We only use high-quality speakers and pride ourselves in making them disappear in the ceiling.

View Gallery of Hidden Speakers

In-Wall Speakers

For the Home Theater owner that doesn’t want floor-standing speakers, we have a solution. Our quality in-wall speakers sound unbelievable and disappear in the wall.

Home Theater

For true home theaters! We can make your theater feel like being at the movies, but even better. Projectors, screens, speakers, lighting, theater seating, and night star effects. We make the wow factor come to life!

Floor Standing Speakers

The ultimate in Home Theater, floor standing speakers will make your theater come to life.

Sound Bars

Add a quality sound bar to your TV! Listen to your TV shows and movies in surround sound. We will attach them to your TV so they seem like part of the TV.


If your ready to RUMBLE we can do that. From In-ceiling Subs, In-Wall Subs or Floor standing Subs we have you covered to match every home and preference

Portable Personal Systems

Take them with you wherever you want music. Portable streaming devices are the new popular thing.